Youth Underwater Hockey

January 19: San Francisco Children's Program in US UWH Newsletter! 

Youth Practices

King pool, 5701 3rd St (At Carroll Ave, near Candlestick Park)

Friday 6:30-8:30pm for children 5-18 yrs old

Children need to be able to swim
- 4 x 25 yards without stopping (form and style don't matter) 
-Tread water for 1 minute.

The San Francisco Sea Lions and SF Recreation and Parks run this program for kids around 9-14 years old. Equipment for beginner player is included!

The program is currently free, a small fee will be implemented soon. 

Players that have been in the program for more than 6 months are expected to buy their own gear. See Gear for Young Players for advice on what to buy.

Children need to be at poolside at 6:30pm, they are in the water until 8:30pm and parents must pick them up immediately afterwards. 

Parents don't need to stay during practice; they can sit on the bleachers. The pool is closed to swimming during hockey practice.

Every coach has had their background approved for working with children by the city R&P department.

Adult Practice (encouraged for advanced players, 12 and older)

Depending on coach approval, the advanced children are encouraged to join our adult practices. To stay informed about adult practices events, cancellations and other news, join the mailing list.

Adult practices must be paid for online using PayPal or credit card (indicate the name of the player). Most people pay some amount (e.g. $20 or $100) and then pay again when they use it all up. You can check your balance online. Regular players should set up a recurrent payment using PayPal.

Upcoming Tournaments and Clinics

All players that participate in Underwater Hockey tournaments and clinics need to be up-to-date members of the Underwater Society of America (USOA).

Their parents need to sign the "Waiver of Liability" and acknowledge reading the US UWH "Safety Guidelines".

USOA registration and payment, as well as electronic signing of the waiver and guidelines, can be done online using this link: USA UWH. Click here for a walk through the steps to create a US UWH account online and signing all required paperwork electronically.

You can check if USOA has received your payment and signed waiver in this link:
(it will require that you login using your username and password)

Bring their own gear (not club gear), including:

    Mask & Snorkel (with mouthguard)

   1 pair of fins (and socks to go with them)

   1 glove (any color other than white, black, yellow, orange or red)

    We make gloves in gatherings that we host every few months. If you need to buy a glove, let us know.

    2 sticks, one black, one white.

    2 headsets, one blue or black, one white.

     Water bottle (optional, but recommended

    See regulations on gear and links to suppliers in this link

Junior World Championships 2017

IV Age Group World Championships will be hosted in Hobart, Tasmania, during the Southern Hemisphere winter. 

Tournament dates are 13th to 22nd July 2017 with practice time also available on the 11th-12th with allocated practice on the 12th.

There will be 4 categories:

U19 Male
U19 Female

U23 Male
U23 Female

The athletic age of a competitor is obtained by subtracting his year of birth from the current year. The competitor will compete from January 1 until December 31 of the year in this category.