Team Suits Order May 2014

We are placing a large order of "Sea Lions" logo swimsuits on Wednesday May 21. See pictures below. The suits are custom made by Agon and will be delivered in time for Nationals. Our club players, adults and children, have been using these suits for many years with good results. We do not receive any funds or compensation as a result of your purchase. Buying a suit is not a requirement for attending practice at King pool. If you buy a suit please give us your check this Friday or earlier.

Review the pricing and size information below and then order your suit in this link: Suit Order May 2014

There are three types of suits: Speedos and Jammers for boys and Freeback one-piece suits for girls. See pictures below:

Most kids tried on the Agon suits that they sent us to get the size right. I wrote down their choices and copied them below.
Some girls chose suits that were too loose in my opinion. In those cases I advice to get a smaller size as indicated, also below.

See the prices here:

(includes tax and shipping)
Suit type Gender Price Agon Description
Speedo Male $35.00 Speedline Brief Fully Front & Back Lined
Jammer Male $50.00 MaxResist Jammer Crotch Lined
One-piece Female $65.00 MaxResist Freeback Fully Front Lined

  Kid selection     Advice from Gus
Quantum Zhuo 32  
Isabella Zvanut    
Kenya Lam 30  
Nicole Wong    
Daniel Lam    
Rosa Zhang 32  
Jeffrey Zhang 30  
Jennifer Tom    
Allison Tom    
Dylan Wu 30  
Jincong Raymond Dai 30  
Lea Thibaut    
Clay Froelich    
Teresa Lee    
Justin Lee 32  
Omar Mendoza 28  
Larry Mai 30  
Eric Mai 32  
Sydney Li 30 28
Brent Huie 30  
Nathan Tesfai 34 30
Yonni Tesfai    
Kelly 32 30
Maria 32 30
Joey Chen 26  
Ryan Situ 30  
Juliana Chen 32  
Tinnie Situ 34