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January 2010

Member duties

Members have a few duties at the start of each year. We have had our club vote but you should still sign a waiver and pay your USOA Dues. Bring them to practice or mail to "SF UWH c/o Tom Brown,  2040 Fell St Apt 11, San Francisco CA 94117".
  • Sign a 2010 USOA Waiver.
  • Pay your 2010 USOA Membership Dues ($40 for first person at an address, $30 for additional members). You can use your balance from Monday night and we'll write one check to CenCal. For example, write a check for $60 to SFUWH to pay these dues and for 4 practices at King.
  • Complete your ballot for the club. You should vote for the steering committee and to approve the 2010 budget. Vote finished.
You should also attend the member meeting which will be held on January 23, 4:30-6pm at 23 Club, 23 Visitacion Ave,
Brisbane, CA.
Happened. Thanks to all that attended.

Notes from meeting

Rain cleared for the afternoon. We made about 8 gloves, 3 sticks and Gus repaired a pile of sticks from 3-4:30. Member meeting ran from about 4:30 to 5:30.

Addition to agenda: talk about sponsorship from CamelBak

Matt: What we've been doing mostly since Aug 2009

Matt made initial website, very pretty but too hard to update
Tom made new site that is easier to start. Preview at
Will make it live within a month.
Organized first CCC. This has been talked about for a few years. Gus
pushed it through and then we made it happen with clubpuck. now trying
to get SD to do it at the plunge in 2010.
City college practice for Oct. good pool. clean, good parking etc
sfuwh-announcement list with less junk. Made by Sean.
Bought 6 new pucks
CamelBak sponsorship, Gus meet someone working for them through Tsunami

Tom talked about finances.

Income 9252
Collected fees: 3154 (includes 430 at City College)
Potluck Tournament Income: 4798 (including shirts and banquet)
California Club Championship, split with Club Puck: 2600/2 = 1300

Expenses 8041
Gear 226
Insurance 350
Banners 134 (and too many emails)
Bank fees 21
California Club Championship, split with Club Puck: 2109/2 = 1054.5
Paid city for scrip tickets: 1777
Potluck Tournament Expenses: 4478 (including 1400 for banquet, 1032 for shirts for adults and kids which we resold)

Assets as of Dec 31, 2009: 4831
Cash 290
Wells Fargo checking account 4503
Scrip tickets 38

Liabilities as of Dec 31, 2009: 2069
Player balances 475
Balance after CCC that we owe Club Puck: 596 (check 1111)
R&P hasn't sent invoice for potluck pool time after repeated reminders 598
City College pool rental during October: 400 (check 1112)

Total recorded attendance 627 (includes 35 at City College)

In theory we have been giving the city a scrip ticket for each person attending Monday night. In practice we seem to have underpaid by about 30%. This is not good. I have started buying them in bigger batches to reduce the chance that we run out.

The price of scrip tickets increased from $3.60 to $4.50 in October 2009. We have not increased player fees because we aren't losing money.

Change of practice times in 2010

Gus has been talking with Danny Ogawa (SF R&P Aquatics) and Phong Pham (City College Aquatics  Director).
Current possible changes:
city college on Monday 7-8:30 $100/practice
King Thur 7-9 with scrips
Sean: will there be a beginners practice? No real answer given
How much to charge? same price for both and subsidize?
We should keep using city college to keep connection going in case
King has trouble or for tournaments
What about other pools? USF 50m pool? No new ideas here
Pools outside of SF much cheaper due to less expensive lifeguards.
Daly City would be much cheaper, but then it wouldn't be the SF Sea Lions.

Our Potluck tournament

At King or city college?
King is $600 and the forgot to send us bill last year. CC is $200/hr ~ $1800
Walls are stored at Balboa pool.
We'll need to do some amount of work on the walls for either pool.
Could use Balboa parking lot.
CC is nice and clean, easy access, big flat bottom.
Due to nice pool plan is for March 27 at City College. Need to try it.

CamelBak sponsorship

We get water bottles with logo and shirts, list us on their site.
We're asking for suits instead of shirts, though shirts are still good
for spreading word when out of pool.
We say they are our official water bottle
Association improves credibility of team and sport


Steve collected 13 ballots, writing these names as he put them in the box:
Sarah H
Steve H
John Goodrich*
Carolyn E
Matt Blair
Terje Strend
(* not present, mailed in ballot)

Spending $2500 on potluck: Yes 13, No 0, abstain 2
Spending $3800 on practice time in 2010: Yes 10, No 1, abstain 2

(3pts for 1, 2pts for 2, 1pt for 3)
Gustavo 5*3 + 3*2 + 1 = 22
Tom 3*3 + 3*2 + 4 = 19
Matt 3*3 + 2*2 = 13
Sean 1*3 + 3*2 + 1 = 10
Carolyn 1*2 + 6 = 8
There was one ballot with an X for Sean in the 1 and 3 columns. We
ignored it for the SC count.

Member meeting announcement

Where: 23 Club, 23 Visitacion Ave, Brisbane, CA.
When: January 23
    2:30pm - 4:30pm stick and glove making
    4:30pm - 6pm member meeting
    6pm- food, drinks

Agenda for member meeting

  • Review of activities in 2009
  • Review of club finances
  • Last call for votes and count
  • Plans for 2010
    • Potluck Tournament
    • Change of practice time?
  • End formal part of meeting. Make gloves and eat dinner.
Tom Brown,
Jan 4, 2010, 6:17 PM