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January 2011

Member duties

  • Take care of your USOA Dues and Waiver at
  • Complete your ballot for the club (posted here). You should vote for the steering committee and to approve the 2011 budget.
  • Attend our one annual member meeting, vote count and paella dinner on Saturday January 22. If you can't attend in person mail your ballot according to its instructions.
If you have questions about procedure please read the charter first.

Member meeting and party

We have one member meeting a year. Please try to attend in person so you can hear what has been happening behind the scenes to make hockey happen in San Francisco and steer the future of your club.

Afterwards we'll have a paella dinner. Plummer John is providing some of the great yellow fin fish he caught and we'll have vegi options.
Invite your friends! If you have time before the meeting please come early to help with cooking.

Where: Tom's, 52 Isis St, San Francisco CA 94103
When: Saturday January 22
    2pm food preparation starting. snacks and drinks start flowing.
    5pm-6:30pm meeting and vote count. We allowed the same amount of time last year and finished a bit early. Lets do the same this year.
    6:30pm-8pm paella is cooked!
    Dinner at 8pm. Invite your friends!

Agenda and notes

Keeping SF R&P happy

We were going in early. Things mostly okay. latest is Don not happy that we take a while to get in. Need to use entire time we have. New director of aquatics got us pool time.

YMCA reduced to 1 practice/week

Threat of several canceled memberships put fire under them. Several members only join for hockey.
Proposal: King team goes to Y (using guest passes) and another night Y comes to King

Kids Hockey

Friday night normally has 10-14 kids each week. Some kids have been playing 2.5 years, they are getting too good for kids but not good enough for adults. HS program would be nice. Renaud put in plug for helping. Anyone can be coach and it's fun. Netherlands is doing age division tournament, but youngest group is ~18yo, our kids are too small.
Nationals in LA may have children's tournament.
Kids tournament in SF for youth with <2yrs experience, normally in May, but no solid plans yet. Canada normally sends ~15 kids.
Adults can do swim workout 7:30-8:30pm Friday.
There is requirement that children swim 4 laps, but Don asked as to take some kids that couldn't do it.

Potluck Tournament 2011

All systems are go. Pool is reserved. Manny is in charge of the walls (thank you!) Have you registered?

Attendance during 2010

 Attendance 627894 
 Practices    5074
 Scrip given to pool
 $1525 $3869+ $2344
 Scrip per attendance 
 $2.43$4.32+ $1.90

Money matters from 2010

As of Dec 28, 2010 we have $5402 in assets, mostly ($4723) in a Wells Fargo checking account. We have $1172 in liabilities (money players have paid in advance). Income in 2010 came from nightly fees ($4231), the potluck and children's tournaments ($4388) and clinic ($498). Expenses were similar with $4069 on the pool for practice, $4628 on the tournaments, $550 on gear such as pucks, the shelves, stick making materials. Overall we lost $105. If you want access to all the details so you can help cook the numbers ask Tom and/or come to the member meeting on January 22.

Rich as ref on Monday

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