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January 2012

Member duties

If you have questions about procedure please read the charter first, then ask Gus, Roxanne or Tom.

Member meeting


Sea Lions training

12 people verbally committed to training for nationals under coach Sean. Of these Carolyn Erdman, Elisa Rossi, Gustavo Pesce, Jason Zvanut, John Wagner, Natalia Silva, Stephen Akridge, and Tom Brown have put $50 towards nationals registration, to be matched by club funds. On January 9 11 people did the beep fitness test.

Attendance Summary

   2010  2011
 Attendance  894  1140
 Practices  74  82
 12.08  13.90

Money matters

We had big changes in income and expenses during 2011. At the beginning of the year we were collecting $5 or $7 per attendance. With the prospect of increasing pool costs we increased this to $8 or $10 on 4/18. In September we changed from paying a $4.50 scrip ticket per attendance to $47/hour and paying for the Monday high school practice. The high schoolers pay for their time using paypal. Then in October we changed to most people paying $72 or $126 per quarter automatically online and $13 for drop ins.

In 2011Q4 we had 12 members paying $126 and 14 members paying $72. Of these all but 5 used the paypal subscription.

We spent a long time estimating costs and expenses with various monthly schemes. Our expected cost was Monday (with high schoolers) $141 and Thursday $118 but actual cost was only $70.5 for Thursday. We estimated income of ~1000/month but thanks to the league and greater attendance from Club Puck we brought in 3248 in Q4.

   Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4
 Income, nightly
 807  2346  2514  3248
 Income, high school
     550  810
 Expense, pool
 698  1350  1220  1890
 Expense, high school pool
     141  482

Other big items:

Bank, paypal fees: 220
Swim suits: 337
Insurance: 350 (paid in 2012)
Fins: 242
Cash stolen in burglary: 168
Money owed Club Puck from 2009 CCC tournament, repaid in 2011: 596
Potluck Tournament 2011: 3549 - 3420 = 129 profit

As of Jan 1, 2012 we had assets of $7190 (Wells Fargo checking account and paypal balance) and liabilities of $1424 (balances carried by players) and $2362 (invoice from the city, now paid).

Assuming we continue averaging >13 players/practice in Q1 Tom proposes reducing prices 15% starting Q2.

Notes taken by Elaine

Member Meeting 1/28/12
52 Isis. St.

I. Leagues – Have a 4 week league with 4 games
  • Spring League & Fall League – Run a league before Nationals and one before PCC’s.
II. San Francisco has volunteered to host PCC’s
  • Natalia and Ben will look for pools in the East Bay
III. Out of the 12 people who committed to the training program, 8 people have
paid $50 for Nationals

IV. Attendance has gone up last year from the previous year because of the
league and with Club Puck losing their pool.

V. The King pool will be closed so we will be using the Coffman pool in 2 weeks.
The hours and times will be the same that we have on Monday and Friday.

VI. Gustavo has started a High School League with graduates from the Kids
  • They play Monday and Friday from 7-8.
  • There are usually about 12-16 kids.
  • No advertising has been done yet, just word of mouth.

VII. Attendance has gone up, and the club has made a $2000 profit from last year.
  • There may be a 15% reduction in fees
  • Drop in rate will be $11
  • Or we save the money for when attendance falls.
VIII. Practice
  • 20 minutes before scrimmage for drills.
  • The game in the deep end will start first, and the shallow end will be for drills with your team for the night.
  • Mondays will be for drills.
  • New players need to be introduced to everyone
XI. Steering Committee 2012
  • Winners are Tom Brown, Natalia Silva, and John Wagner