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Monday May 3, 2012

It was another great night of hockey at King Pool.

Low attendance meant lots of puck time for us all, one heckuva workout, and a solid girl to guy ratio (28% ain't bad)!

  • John Wagner - to answer the iconic 80s song plea "Who's Johnny?" last night the correct response would have been the guy who was ALL OVER the puck. He took the strike every time, ran down breakaways on D, and continually lead our attack. I think at one point, he quite literally swam circles around me waiting for me to stop curling and just give him the damn puck.
  • Amy...uh...from Canada. Who epitomizes the adage that good things come in small packages. She curls like a scared inch-worm, accelerates like a stabbed rat, and steals the puck like Roman gypsy.
  • Michael Smith - Floated on the surface. But damn did he look good in that USA speedo.

White (not my team, so I didn't pay attention...sorry it's all I can do to follow the bloomin' puck)
  • Carolyn - always the coach and quick to give good constructive criticism on improving our games
  • Manny - the ironman took the strikes for his team, too many breakaways to count
  • Holland - he might as well been a brick wall on D.
  • John Pollard - he was too out of breath to swear. Wins the All-Star player in my book for lending me his quattros for the umpteenth time.

Notable appearance by Jennifer Smith, who telepathically offered encouraging words to Michael during her swim workout
"really? that's what you call bottom time?"
"once again, you're on the surface."
"this is embarrassing to watch."
"damn that speedo is hot. Helllloooo Stars and Stripes"

See ya on the bottom (or surface!),
Michael Smith

Now that's a wrap up, MIKE!
To add a bit: MIKE YOU scored at least half your team's goals, and made some moves like jagger...

It was awesome to see everyone there making good individual plays, and passes!
the clinic and workouts everyone is doing are paying off.
John P took almost every advantage puck and was awesome for our team!
Holland and Manny traded the strike and had a great time trying to out think Johnny's new moves!
I guess I did a bit of coaching, though that's wasn't my intention.
At some point I gave Mr fast John (as the other John likes to call him) a tip on changing direction while doing his new under the body fig 8 type moves. My intention was to give my team a rest, but it backfired when in the very next play Johnny took that advice to us.
With Mike at his side and Amy playing back, they totally schooled us into the goal. (Yes Mike I do believe you were on the bottom that entire point!)

But that wasn't the end. Holland and Manny got their spacing down to pinch and intercept these new plays.
If for some reason that didn't work JohnP was there backing them up. I was lucky, all I had to do was watch.
Once we got the puck back, great team work brought us some goals of our own! though it is true, we needed 4 to score a goal since the 3 played like 6. By the end I think the score was practically even.

The low numbers looked to be a sad game at 8:30, but ended up being TOTALLY FUN!!!

I hope there is a greater turn out tonight and next week, but if 7.98 is all we can get, It is worth it!by 0.98 I mean Mike's Jen and BabyV support crew! Some thing had to make the teams closer to even:)