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Scrimmage Report for Thursday, July 19, 2012

Holy Crap that was fun....and there was FISH!

That was some of the best four on four ever!!!!!!

  • Renaud
  • Tom “The Gun” B
  • John G
  • Holland

  • Johnny W
  • John P
  • Michael
  • Stephen “New Guy”

Damian “New guy” got stuck with one of those lame ‘purge’ snorkels, so after he swallowed 2.3 gallons he didn’t think he was ready to jump in on the game. BUT KEEP UP THE PRACTICE D…YOU’LL GET THE HANG OF IT!!! Or at least keep coming until there’s a hockey party – you’ll get hooked one way or the other.

My dumbass forgot Jennifer’s suit (and my towel) and Sonia didn’t make it, so we missed out on having two smoking hot cheerleading-lap swimmers…but no biggie, Gregory showed up to fill in!

Wow…talk about trading down, eh? Just funning – good job Appling – way to pump some grease back into that newly-operated-on elbow.

There were a few early trades to get to the defined teams, but we eventually found a good balance with both teams trading goals all night. White had a few more scores. There was a lot of passing…a lot of GOOD passing. Both teams really made the most of each other. Renaud and Tom moved the puck around, and John G and Holland both had a lot of power bursts for strong advances.

JW was everywhere of course. JP always seemed to muck up Blacks’ drives. Michael had two of the best flicks he’s ever launched and Stephen “New guy” had great positioning and puck-instinct – he scored a couple of times off of great assists from JW.

PLUS at the end, John G, fresh off his fishing trip from Alaska doled out flash-frozen packs of Halibut to everyone – THANKS JG!


See ya on the bottom