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October 4, 2012: Is American Idol really that important to you people?

What's worse: our piss-poor turn out, or the fact that we had almost as many people on the injured list (yet still showed up) as those who actually played!

  • Tom
  • Jakob
  • Michael
  • Jason
  • Johnny W
  • Gregory
  • Carolyn
  • Renaud
  • John P (who didn't actually lap swim like the other gimps, but did drop off the "test-side-wall")
After playing around with the new sidewalls and praying more of y'all would come, we split up the teams.  In a rare display of UWH-intelligence, Michael foretold the tone of the game -  "this is gonna be a hairy, one-sided, ass-kicking."  Jason misinterpreted and thought Michael was predicting a Black he crazy?!?!

One-sided indeed.

Black was no match.  J&J were just too fit and too skilled.  Black, with the exception of Tom, just didn't have the fitness to keep up.   Every now and again, Black managed to actually use its numbers advantage and got into a perfectly timed drop rotation to get White on the heels...but for the most part, Michael was floating on the surface burping up Cheetos (but still looking sexy!) leaving Jakob and Tom to the White-wolves.

Aussie Rules?

Late in the game, Carolyn informed Michael (and others) that his patented "curl and sit there looking for someone to pass to while shielding the puck" may not draw fouls from the USA refs, but definitely would from the Aussie/Kiwi refs.  This sparked a rash of penalty calls where everyone was getting called for doing it.  Apparently, the crux is that you need to be kicking through the curl while shielded the puck, so if you're lazy (yet sexy!) like Michael and just float there...then you'll be called.  As we were all pretty tired from the 2 on 3 action, we unanimously praised living in the USofA and said those Aussies can suck it with their rules.

See ya Monday,  which if Pollard, Tom and company keep up their AWESOMENESS, we may have some more side-walls


See also our follow-up discussion on those so-called "Aussie" rules.