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October 18, 2012: U to the T folks... Recognize

I don't know what else there needs to be said really...  Uncle T showed up!  Sans bottle of rum, but the booze is superfluous to the one man roaming rave that's Uncle T.   When a legend like him shows and you don't, you missing out brotha.

  • Tom - who's bottom time is really just amazing
  • Mary (visiting player) - a mean lefty, I thought she looked familiar and assumed she was a YMCA player, turns out she was in town for a conference.  Oops!  Shoulda chatted her up more.
  • Jeff (visiting/new player) - attached to Mary?  he did great for a new player.  A tad physical, but hey rubbin's racin'!
  • Andrei - fast fast and an offensive producer
  • Michael - sexy
  • Joey-San - the stopping machine

  • Uncle T - man, myth, legend
  • Jennifer  - sexiest
  • Amy - mighty mite was at it again with her crazy corkscrew curls and vicious hook steals
  • John P - dashed the hopes and dreams of many a would-be scorer
  • Jakub - setup more than his share of scores with his hard-driving bursts from the back
  • Henri - Despite equipment problems, did a good amount of drops and got some puck time, and did great.

It was all White, until Joey showed.  Then it was all Black, until we traded T for Michael. Then it was all White.

The pool was a balmy 82.  New player Jeff scored.  Pollard was more or less sober.  There were not just one, but two sexy Smiths in the pool.  There was even a 25lbs crate of celery. 

Last night had it all.