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Thursday, November 1, 2012: OMG!!!! That HoCkEy thingy last night, was like, TOTALLY fun!!!! :) :P

We had a great group.  Although just one more would have been lovely. 4 on 5.

Black (who played 4)
  • Johnny W
  • Tom
  • Jakub
  • Jennifer
  • Andrei

  • Jason
  • Pollard
  • Michael
  • Elena

After a long hiatus, it was like a family reunion, with all the familiar characters:
  1. Tom split the teams grossly in his favor.  ACTUALLY, this time worked out pretty well.  But I think Johnny took matters into his own hands and split 'em up.  Thank heavens!
  2. Pollard stumbled in, fresh from the bar, and proceeded to offend everyone with his asinine comments and cheap whiskey breath.
  3. Tom experimented with a new "wall" system, whereby we had to schlep 2.3 metric tons of lead weights in/out of the pool.
  4. During stoppages, Jason kept trying to educate Michael on all the crucial tactical mistakes he was making.  Jason may have been motivated partly out of interest in passing on his considerable skill and knowledge, and partly in an effort to reduce some of the burden of carrying the whole dang team .....but regrettably it was all for naught, as Michael was breathing too hard to hear a single word.
  5. Jakub bashed his way around the pool, breaking sticks and jamming wrists.  But he did call himself for gloving.
  6. Johnny W had several breakaway goals, and has really gotten the hang of the "V-motion direction change" move.
  7. Elena and Jennifer were wonderful technical players to watch - always in the right place, at the right time.  And really had the most gracious pool-side manner possible, politely fending off Pollard's drunken come-ons and what not.
  8. Andrei added more and more breakways to his belt.

It was Black's game (no surprise there), but White put up a strong showing and made a really good game out of it. (read: Jason played hella hard, and evened things up).

See y'all on Monday for the continuation of the Disney Princess Battle Royale.

Michael (who as always looked equally patriotic and sexy)