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Monday December 10, 2012: The Blair-man cometh....and so does everyone else!

That's right, readers - Matt and Sara were there. Hazzah, Hazzah!!!  I had such a bad case of celebrity-awe, I didn't know what to say to them.

It musta been a full moon last night, because all yous crazy bottom-dwellers really came out in force last night.  Someone said it was 9 on 8 (!!), but my counts are higher.  But since when do I know what I'm talking about?

  • Jason
  • Rhett
  • Drew
  • Johnny
  • Tom
  • Elena
  • Steve
  • Michael
  • The guy with the beard and jammers..i'm blanking on his name
  • Tess (2nd timer)

  • Gregory
  • Matt
  • Elaine
  • Jakob
  • Andrei
  • Adam
  • Roxanne
  • Pollard
  • Jacob (2nd? timer)

Despite the apparent imbalance in the teams, it was pretty even, but I think Black managed to score a few more.  This was easily the fastest game I've ever been apart of at King.  Praise Allah for subs!!!   There was little to no whining, and folks played through most of the unintentional fouls.  Other highlights of the game include:  Roxanne getting hit in the boob.  huh huh huh.

Après-hockey was Mexican where Tom, Johnny, Michael and Tess discussed such lofty topics such as: a 1986 Lebaron, Baby Smith's introduction to bicycle workouts, the mystery lights of Marfa, TX, the truth about puppies, and what to do with leftover Nachos. 

Hopefully even more folks will come out next Monday, so we can split the games up.  It's tough trying to playing with all those big kids