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Thursday May 17, 2012: Always Bet on Black

Wesley Snipes' advice to roulette players certainly held true last night: "always bet on black!" Apparently the powers-that-devy-up-the-teams thought Black was long overdue for a victory.  Misson accomplished!
Black - at least 30 goals(!!!)
  • Johnny Wagner
  • Tom
  • Jakub
  • John Pollard
White - 6 goals (and we kicked our little hearts out for every bloomin' one!
  • Manny
  • Amy
  • Holland
  • Michael S
  • [Joey-San arrived just in time for the last 20mins]
Besides being hopelessly outmatched, one of White's biggest problems was...well, Johnny W.   He had at least 15 end around spirits to the goal.  In the last 20mins, with the addition of Joey, White tried to compensate by practically going man-to-man on J.W. which helped...kinda...he still motor-boated by us for a handful of goals. 
Despite the ass-whooping, everyone on White was still having fun and didn't succomb to the dreaded whining/blame-game that sometimes accompanies such a defeat.
I think everyone had fun.  Don't we always?
See ya at the tikki-bar.