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August 19, 2013: The Rookies Cometh

Holy crap that was awesome. If you missed Monday's practice then you missed it, kid.

  • Renaud - he's French (I think), he's fit, he's f'ing fast, and it took at least trois to get past him
  • Tom B - an appearance at forward! Sneaky with the steals, and soooo much bottom time.
  • Jakub - a back with offensive moves and a hard stick - "he will break you"
  • Michael - sexy sexy sexy
  • Leigh - too many drops to count, and always there for the pass
  • Lelia - still new, but she was charging HARD the whole time on O... Good work y'all she's hooked!
  • Mimet from Turkey (1sty) - he stayed the entire game, and despite shitty loaner equipment touched the puck a few times and saved a few goals on D.
  • Jason Z - still the classiest guy in the pool, and also one of the best. Dashed many a white-goal-dream
  • Drew (LATE!) - dumb as mule and twice as ugly...may have pushed the puck 25" the whole game
  • Carlos - had to pick up Drew's slack all many breakaways did he have?
  • Natalia - strong strong strong on the right side...she curls like a scared inch worm, and got stick skills to boot
  • John Freediver (1sty) - won most of the strikes(!) and took a shot to the face, but said he'd be back!!!!?
  • Alexa (1sty) - Natty recruited her from Livermore and she did great...drops, and puck time

White started off kicking butt, but then we fell apart like Google's stock price and Black ran up the score on us....which may or may not have been precipitate by Drew's tardy-ass arrival*.

I had a different perspective on the game, playing back for the first time ever. A) Tom really needs to wax his niftkin and B) err... well...that's all I kept looking at.

Everyone was lovely to the beginners, and aside from the headbutts/bashes/hooking/obstructions/cross-checking by Michael, it was good clean hockey. Everyone had a blast.

No après party...but as you can see from the time, I found my own. Dang I miss the wife.

See you on the Bottom,

* PSA: Monday's we're in the water at 7:30 folks...our crappy careers ain't worth it folks, get in and be ready for sticks up at 8pm.