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November 7, 2013: RSVP?!?! We don't need no stinkin' RSVP!

UWH apparently has the same addictive pull as crack-cocaine.    I mean, only two people favorably responded to Ben's RSVP request, but that's all he needed to drive up from the South Bay.   Really Ben?  2 on 1 is where your standards are?  Are evenings with the wife that bad?  

Well.  Good thing he showed, because he got some blazing 5 on 4 action last night.

  • Matt
  • Jon R
  • Amy
  • Yakub
  • Erik

  • Ben
  • Drew
  • Renaud - still one-finned
  • Michael

Very very approximate score:  Black 16 - White 9

This game was brutal.  Way too many fit people in the water, who were way too fast and way too fancy with the puck.   A UWH cliché is "playing in high-level games is how you get better."   That's horsecrap.   How does getting a face full of Ben's wake make you a better player?  How does swiping uselessly at the spot where Matt Blair had the puck one second ago make you better?  Swimming along and having Drew's monkey arm suddenly appear to steal the puck you thought you were protecting - what does that do for ya? 

Playing high-level hockey helps the Titans get even better and makes the rest of us want to take up badminton. 

But even Titans have to breathe, so the mortals also had a blast.  Except Michael, who despite looking fantastically fit*, is actually a one-lunged sloth in the water and spent most of the night floating and burping up Gumbo dinner.


Erik (developing player) did well with his drops and positioning.  But he was severely hampered a pair of HPs that were older than God.  Still, he seemed positive.

In the locker-room, Jakub discussed his book project chronicling the 15 years he spent in a Venezuelan prison for trafficking 8 lbs of Sweet Mexican Black-Tar Heroin.  Think twice before you call him on those fouls, eh?  

Amy had wonderful sideline drive, Michael caught her but couldn't defend against her vortex-like curl, which she kicked out of to drive for the goal straight through Michael's pride.

Renaud - rocking only fin - ended the night with a brilliant steal and drive for the goal.

Yes indeed folks.  Another lovely night at King Pool.


* ney....fantastic PERIOD.