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November 14, 2013: Johnny Wagner - We love to see you go, AND love watching you leave

  • Drew
  • Jason Z
  • Renaud
  • Johnny Wagner
  • Leigh
  • Michael

  • Matt
  • Ben
  • Yori
  • Kristof
  • Jakub
  • Dr. Ken
  • Ben (Natalia's hubs)

Made up score:   Black 16 (JW 13)  White 7

White started off strong.  Matt arrived which prompted a Jakub/Renaud trade.  Even though the teams were fairly evenly matched, but Black dominated the scoring.  And by Black I mean, Johnny Wagner.  I feel like standing up and saluting when I hear the name.  And if you were there, you would too.  It was his night.  JW had breakaway after breakaway.  Ben ran him down I think only once. 

Despite looking way weaker on paper, Black was firing on all cylinders.  Leigh seemed to be perpetually on the bottom challenging and frequently stealing the puck from White. Michael even dropped a few times to try for the double team. And when White was able to make it past Leigh, it was only to face Drew, Renaud or Jason bearing down on 'em with speed or superior position.  A scrum would ensue, and then a Black back would send a pass to Wagner who take off like only someone who splits his days between schlepping around fat Wisconsin tourists on a pedi-cab and pumping iron at a gym can.  It was a beautiful to behold time and time again...especially since it meant I would slowly float my way back to the wall and get in more rest time.

One-Fin Renaud was really making the use of his one leg and along with Jason, were tenacious on Defense.  Drew's play was exceptional - apparently hauling mail 10miles a day and dropping 20 lbs(!!!! who knew he had that to lose?!?) does wonders for one's agility, and bottom-time.

There was a late trade of Ken and Renaud, to help balance the score out a bit...but JW was unstoppable, and he just seemed to keep on scoring.

Afterwards - Hussam hosted several of the ruggers, Tom and Michael at his neighborhood burrito joint and then bar for après-practice merrymaking.

It was a great night of hockey...looking forward to League play tonight!

Ruggers (underwater rugby)
  • Tom
  • Natalia
  • Lisabeth
  • Marcin
  • Hussam
  • Dominik
  • Thomas