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January 9, 2014: It was a hot time in the pool tonight!! ... er, last night

Everyone came out of the pool pumped.  It was that kind of night.  Great play, long points, and just enough squabbles to indicate that both sides were really into it.

  • Gregory
  • Drew
  • Jon R
  • Jakob
  • Michael
  • Eric Clapper
  • Elaine (late)
  • Matt
  • Yori
  • Oren
  • Bob Burres
  • Andrei
  • Jacob
  • Carolyn (late)

I overheard Matt in the locker discussing the score (!!! - man I love smart people - he's keeping score while I'm trying remember what team I'm on) - apparently Black started off strong and built a hefty lead.  When the ladies arrived and as the game wore on, White closed the gap and even tied it up at times....but was never was able to wrestle the lead away.

Fake Score:  16-14 Black.

Jon R stands out as having the most break-aways, and the Black backs: Gregory/Drew/Jakob didn't let up a single goal without a long and drawn out fight...I honestly think Gregory purposely lets opposing forwards get excited and close to the goal before dashing in at the last minute to clear the puck away.  People with tattoos are just mean like that, I suppose.

Eric Clapper is a great new player who I believe plays polo for the Olympic club...he was playing lefty after injuring his finger playing piano (true story...I'm envisioning an over-excited 'Top-Gun - Great Balls of Fire' scene reenactment).  Eric has speed, even with kicking a blown out pair of HPs.  His highlight was a long break-away and then bashing it through Matt for the goal.  Matt may or may not have been in "new-player-development mode"... regardless, it was a great effort by the Clapper.

Elaine was as fast and wily as ever.

No comments about the White players - they all look alike to me.