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Friday January 10, 2014: David vs. Goliath (King teens vs. YMCA adults)

Ooooh folks you missed out! Epic, it was, EPIC!!! One for the books.

The youth team, in black, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, super pumped, played like demons! They got every strike, stole the puck, moved it forward, used every trick in their book, and scored! Body checks, body slams, hard and fast, fouls even, it was all there. They pulled out all the stops!

In white (like our hair, appropriately enough), wrinkled, washed out, hagard, barely moving, the "senior" team (average age double the black team's) could barely contain them! Our defense was strong, but their offense wily and relentless! Breakaway after breakaway was stopped in front of the goal, and barely pushed back, with more effort every time.

What a game!

But this time (maybe for the last time), grey hair proved itself a match for youth and energy. Despite being at a physical disadvantage, seniors eventually woke up, and pulled tricks out of the old hat. Thanks to a lucky succession of carefully timed passes, some underwater sleight of hand and plain luck, we managed to score!

Final score: 4-3 for white. Pretty close! We even have a video. (In white leotard and pink flower suit, yours truly.)

All parties agreed it was the funnest game in a long a time, and asked for a rematch!

Hip-hup-hurray for coaches Jakub and Gus, who made it all possible! I saw the future of Amercian UWH last night, it's being made at King pool!