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January 30, 2014: The Rhett-man cometh.....and then try to leaveth

Oh the things we do for a good round of hockey.

The Duke made a special appearance on Thursday.  Like yours sexy, he was on time (unlike almost everyone else!) so we had a chance to chat it up.  After two minutes he was all "I think I'm gonna leave" and "no one's here" and "I'm too old to play 4 on 4."

Which lead to the odd situation of me having to treat such a beast of man, who most of the 49er offensive line crosses to the other side of the street when they see him coming, like a little girl who just woke up from a bad dream:  "Don't you worry, my sweet Rhett, people will come, they're just running behind"  "oh, you'll feel great when you get in the pool"   "tonight will be great, you'll see."  

Once I got his ass into the pool, I stuck him on the team with 4 people.  hahahaahahahah.  I love me.

  • Rhett
  • Jason Z
  • Amy*
  • Jacob
  • The Beard, and Scott
  • Oren*
  • Dave M
  • Michael
  • Meciek

*halftime trade

I thought I made the teams pretty well (you damn right I put me on the 5 squad) teams, but Black whined and we did a Jacob/Meciek swap before play began.  Which okay...was definitely needed.

On Monday, Leigh was playing like an angry sea-goddess; tonight she sent her husband Dave...Dang that couple is good at hockey!!! Dave M was strooooong.  Tons of drops, and lots of charges from his mid-position.  I mean if there was such a thing as the "First Couple of Hockey", it would have to be...well okay the Rives**, or the Grimms** .....but Leigh and Dave gotta be next!  And that's something! 

Made up Score
Black: 13
White: 17

Amy Amy Amy - the only way that girl could be any more awesome was if she got her husband to come out for hockey and if she became American.   After a few months of circling the globe, she showed up armed with her killer vortex curls,long bottom time, and hooking stick skills. 

The Beard was a force to be reckoned with, yet again, last night.  For a big boy, his agility is incredible and sprint speed will chase you down - period.

Jacob is officially no longer a beginner.  I'm pretty we all knew that.  Good speed, and drops/stick battles are coming along indeed.   How long has he been playing? a few months?  You would think he'd own his own speedo and didn't have to borrow Tom's that lost its elastic....but hey, views of well-toned gluts are always appreciated I guess.  I didn't hear Amy complaining.

Meciek is a consistently attending new player - he's in it and will be good - so lets everyone tell him to at least buy a pair of HPs.  It hurts watching his loaners bend like a door hinge.

Oren is wonderful to play with...strong, smart, and so positive!  Nothing but sparse constructive criticism and optimism for the next play. 


See ya on the Bottom,

** Rich people do everything better, make money, play hockey, look fantastic...