Fall 2013 League


 Dorne Lannister Targaryen Stark
 Jon R.
 Jacob S. 
 Eric C.
Matt Burke
 Eric L.
 Chris S. 
Matt S


Game 1 is @ 8pm, game 2 is @ 8:25pm. Games will start on time, no delay for missing players

Games will be 10 min halves with a 2 min half time, there are no time-outs. We will play 5-on-5 due to high registration! 


 Win  LossTie 
 Dorne 1 1 1
 Lannister 2 1 
 Targaryen  2 1
 Stark 1  2

Day 1:

Dorne vs. Lannister: 2-6
Targaryen vs Stark: 2-2

Day 2:

Dorne vs. Stark: 4-4
Lannister vs. Targaryen: 6-2

Day 3:

Lannister vs. Stark: 2-5
Targaryen vs. Dorne: 1-7

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