Winners Best of the Bay 2009

The San Francisco Bay Guardian's "Best of the Bay" 2009
The 35th annual guide to the people, places, and things that make the Bay great


The Brits have started some internationally contagious sports, like football (soccer) and cricket. Now underwater hockey, which English divers created in the 1950s, is grabbing Americans' attention. Locals are quickly jumping into the game with the San Francisco Underwater Hockey club. If you like swimming, dip your toes in new water and give it a shot. Sean Avent of the San Francisco Sea Lions club team explains its appeal: "Holding your breath, wearing a Speedo, and swimming after a lead puck on the bottom of a swimming pool is no more obtuse than trying to pummel a guy who is carrying a pigskin ball and armored in high-tech plastic. People, in general, are just more familiar with the latter of the two obtuse sports. And the first is just way more fun."

At the Best of the Bay 2009 party:
Matt Blair, José Espinosa, Tom Brown, Elaine Willoughby, Gustavo Pesce, Bruce Brugmann (publisher of the San Francisco Bay Guardian), Sarah Hewawitharana, Carolyn Erdman, Jason Zvanut

Gustavo Pesce, Tim Redmont (editor o
f the San Francisco Bay Guardian), Matt Blair and Sarah Hewawitharana