01. Rules

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The rules of the game inhibit the use of brute force and allow small people to compete effectively and equally with larger people.  Play is solely on the bottom of the pool so your effectiveness is also governed by how much time you spend on the bottom ... the air is, of course, on the top.

The sport is defined as non-contact in the same way basketball is considered non-contact.  The person in control of the puck can not be physically pushed but also may not charge into set opponents.

Photo (c) Adam Lau
A simple summary of the rules:
  • No body contact unless your stick is on the puck
    • no fore-checking
    • no moving screens
  • Your stick, and only your stick, can touch the puck
    • knocking down passes with any part of your body or equipment is prohibited
    • moving the puck with any part of your body or equipment is prohibited
    • use of your stick on an opponent is prohibited
  • No holding or moving another player (even if you do have the puck)
    • no holding onto any part of their body
    • no holding onto any part of their equipment
  • Shooting the puck at or near an opponent's head is prohibited
  • IF
    • you do not have possession of the puck
  • AND
    • you are not trying to establish possession of the puck
  • THEN
    • you cannot prevent another player from gaining possession of the puck
    • you cannot hide the puck with your body so an opponent cannot find it