15. Tournament Checklist

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You've read this guide, you've been to a few practices, and now you're ready for your first tournament. Congratulations! Just make sure you've got the following items.


Be a good team player and don't show up at a tournament without these.
  • white cap, black cap
  • white stick, black stick (maybe freshly painted?)
  • mask, fins, glove -- see Equipment
  • snorkel with mouth guard
  • towel
  • for CA players: signed liability waiver
  • for US players: paid up membership to USA UWH
  • swimsuit, oh yeah...


If past history is any indicator, these may come in handy.

  • fin keepers
  • backup mask -- first item to break, always
  • ibuprofen
  • duck tape -- for your feet and other uses
  • sunscreen, sunglasses (sunlight reflects off pool surface)
  • water bottle
  • hat, windbreaker, warm clothes -- outdoor pools can get breezy
  • some light, easy to digest food, like cereal bars or goo or...
  • dechlorinating shampoo

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