Who plays?

The San Francisco Sea Lions Underwater Hockey Club is comprised of men and women from many walks of life, ages, nationalities and sexual orientations.

Our players include journalists, students, plumbers, nurses, software developers, entrepreneurs, painters, scientists, bankers and many other occupations. Players ages range from 12 to 65 and at last count we had players with 8 different nationalities.

Some of our hockey players have just started playing underwater hockey, others have played for decades. Some do it for the fun of our weekly practices, some also enjoy to play competitively; a few of our players are on the USA National Teams. No matter the level, we all play together in our practices. Everybody makes their best effort and has fun in the scrimmages.

Our players’ background in sports is really heterogeneous. Some people have arrived very unsure of their comfort underwater and then learned the skills needed to enjoy snorkeling in the ocean. Some others had been competitive swimmers, divers or otherwise athletic folks. And yet very good players have come out from either group. Some turn out to be particularly fast, some have more endurance, others are very good with their hand moves or their sense for team play; different natural talents can work to your benefit. The bottom line is that if you want to find fun and exercise in the water underwater hockey is something you should try. A background in swimming is helpful but certainly not necessary.

See you soon, at the bottom of the pool!