Where and When


The listed times are when the pool is available to us; the pool building is typically open beforehand. Sometimes we start a game right away, sometimes we do a warm-up. If you haven't played before, please arrive on time, or early, so we can help you get geared up.

On Fridays, we run our Children's Underwater Hockey program.

Adult Practices at King Pool

Practices are temporarily (starting on December 2014) at Coffman Pool

1701 Visitacion Ave
San Francisco, CA 94134

They will return to our normal location at King pool (below) soon. Stay tuned.

5701 3rd St
(At Carroll Ave, near Candlestick Park)

Monday 7:30-9:40pm

Monday tends to be our fastest game, but new players are welcome. People with some snorkeling skills, or lots of swimming experience, can jump right in. Sometimes we have enough people to have separate beginner and advanced games. (Pool doors open at 7:15pm.)

Thursday 8-9:55pm

Warm up in the shallow end starting 8pm (don't go behind the water polo game). We get the entire pool and start our game at 8:30pm. This practice has a mix of experienced players and rookies.

Practices are free for new players until you are hooked. Regular and visiting players please contribute with cash or online where you can see suggested amounts.

At King the front door is normally closed; go through the playground to the green door on the North side of the building.

The pool is closed for city holidays, scheduled pool closures and occasionally other reasons, such as unscheduled maintenance. Check our email list archives for mention of special events.

Backup Pools: Coffman or Balboa

When King pool closes down, we temporarily relocate to Coffman pool in Visitacion Valley or Balboa pool near Balboa Park. Check the mailing list for up-to-date information regarding these changes.

Children's Team Practices

Practices are temporarily (starting on December 2014) at Coffman Pool

1701 Visitacion Ave
San Francisco, CA 94134

They will return to our normal location at King pool (below) soon. Stay tuned.

5701 3rd St (At Carroll Ave, near Candlestick Park)

Friday 6:30-8:30pm

This program is a joint collaboration between San Francisco Sea Lions and SF Recreation and Parks.
  • We welcome all children between 9 and 14 years old, provided they are able to swim 4 x 25 yards without stopping (form and style don't matter) and tread water for 1 minute.
  • Children need to be at poolside at 6:30pm. They are in the water until 8:30pm. Parents must pick them up immediately afterwards.
  • Parents do not need to stay during practice. Bleacher seats are available for those who do.
  • We provide equipment to beginner players!
  • Players that have been in the program for more than 6 months are expected to buy their own gear. See Gear for Children for advice on what to buy.
  • The program is currently free, a small fee will be implemented soon.
  • Every coach has had their background approved for working with children by the city R&P department.

Other Underwater Hockey Clubs Nearby

San Jose

Club Puck plays in Los Gatos on Wednesdays and Sundays. Visit clubpuck.us for up-to-date information.

Santa Rosa and Sebastopol

Sebastopol Sharks play on Tuesday and Thursday nights at the Sebastopol pool. Visit suwh.us for more information.


Sacramento Underwater Hockey is temporarily suspended. If you are interested in playing or starting a session or club in the Sacramento or other place in California, please contact Sean Avent, Western US Regional Development Director.


If you looking for other clubs in the Bay Area, or anywhere else in the country (or the world), the Underwater Hockey Tourist is a great resource.