Maintain Your Balance

Each practice is $15 per adult, $8 for U19 (with permission to join).
Try Zelle first. It's the easiest way to avoid fees.

If you enable the "goods or services" button, Venmo takes a fee.
Avoid a 3% fee by ensuring
(1) "Transfer from PayPal balance" AND
(2) "Sending to a friend"


For New Players

Welcome. We're really stoked to have new players, and we're happy to help you learn this amazingly fun and challenging sport. While whomever recruited you just earned a free practice, we ask that every player pay for each practice, even new players. Please pay with one of the links above

For Visiting Players

We're so happy to have you visit. If you need a short-term place to stay while you're visiting and want to stay within the UWH family, please reach out to club leadership.  

For Returning Players

Please pay before you play and maintain a balance in your account

Practice is free each time you bring a new player and help them to get started in the water. 

For All Players

Please monitor and maintain a balance on your account.

Choose your payment method wisely. The club will credit you only for the money we receive. Please use an existing balance or transfer funds from a bank. Using a credit card will surely incur a fee. 

Your teammates run this club. They volunteer their time to make SFUWH possible. They are not paid and they pay for practices like everyone else. They work with the City and philanthropic organizations to get reduced pool fees. Other clubs charge monthly dues and significantly more for practices. SFUWH is able to keep costs low because of our awesome volunteers and because all of your teammates pay their dues and keep a balance in their account. This makes it easy and less time consuming to pay club bills and do the accounting. Please show these volunteers respect and gratitude by maintaining a balance in your account. If you maintain a balance, your teammates will never have to ask you to pay for practice, a task nobody wants to do. Please maintain a balance. 

The practice costs you pay primarily go towards pool rental. When there's surplus, the funds support related club activities and are saved for the times when turnout is low.

The latest fee changes were announced May 1, 2022 on our email list.

We record attendance and track payments; you can check your own record, and most recent payment online.


Full time students receive a 50% discount on practice costs (rounded up to the nearest whole dollar --> half of $15 = $8). Please let club leadership know if you qualify.

Practice is free each time a returning player brings a new player and helps them to get started in the water.