Club responsibilities

There is a lot going on behind the scenes so we can pay our bills and keep playing. Tom created this list in 2014 to help the new organizers and it has been somewhat maintained since then.

Club bookkeeping

The "SFUWH Accounts" spreadsheet

This spreadsheet contains detailed financial information and a summary of attendance records. Most of the data is entered in the first sheet, named "Accounts". Working knowledge of a double entry account system will be helpful for understanding it. Every row in Accounts should have a balance of 0, if it doesn't the Error column is highlighted. The sheet "Grouped" aggregates accounts/columns and the sheet "Grouped by year" aggregates it by row to produce the values that appear on the sheet "Annual Statement, accrued income".

The "SFUWH attendance lists" spreadsheet

This spreadsheet contains attendance lists starting 2013Q1, calculations for each member's balance and contact info for each member. To protect our members' information access is restricted to specific people.

The "SFUWH Public" spreadsheet

Exports part of "SFUWH attendance lists" so we can publish the Balance webpage with less risk of leaking the private information in the rest of that sheet.

Regular responsibilities

Each practice


Sporadically, as needed